About Us

About Us

For over thirty-five years Orillia Christian School has taught and nurtured children under the Lordship of Christ. In 1960 a group of Christians...

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Digging Deeper


Ten Differences Between Public and Christian School

Understanding the differences between secular and Christian education help a parent make an informed decision about their child's education.

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Mission and Core Values

Our Mission is to support Christian families in educating to equip the mind, heart and body of children through Christ-centred curriculum and teaching for service in the world.

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Christian Philosophy of Education

The following statements identify the principles that apply to a Christian philosophy of education.

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Principal's Welcome


On behalf of the Orillia Christian School community, I would like to invite you to discover the benefits of Christian education for your children. What difference would it make to the world to educate children to see the world through God’s eyes? To teach children not just to count the number of seeds in an apple, but to count the number of apples in a seed as God might!

Many people have suggested that Christian school is a place to shelter your children. We believe a more accurate metaphor would be a green house. Young plants are put in a green house, a safe and stable environment, an ideal place to get firmly rooted, in order to grow straight and true, and ultimately reach for the sky. All too quickly, a seed becomes a seedling, and seedlings must leave the green house and become the trees that they are called and destined to become. Where do you want your children to learn to become firmly rooted?

Children spend a thousand hours each school year in classroom instruction. Imagine the difference a Christian school would make to help nurture your child’s faith and to help develop a worldview that stays true to Scripture. Orillia Christian School offers a quality Christian education based on a solid academic program. The school culture and student life provide a place where your child can enjoy a deep sense of belonging as he/she learns more about the world around him/her.

We would love the opportunity to personally introduce you to our school where we seek to educate the mind and nurture the soul. Please send us an email or give us a call so we can share with you why we are so passionate about what we teach here at Orillia Christian School.


Kim Bolton

Educating the Mind,
Nurturing the Soul

Students at OCS are encouraged to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically.  Students share what they have learned in a variety of ways.

Memberships and Accreditations


Christian Schools International advances Christian education and supports schools in their task of teaching students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service.
Founded in 1920, Christian Schools International was the first national organization to serve Christian schools. From its eight charter members in the US, Christian Schools International has grown into an organization serving throughout North America and the world. Christian Schools International’s initial programs included advancing the professional status of teachers and principals, promoting education in print and in public forums, and providing textbooks and other instructional materials. Many of these programs were initiated at Christian Schools International’s earliest conventions, a tradition of bringing school leaders together that continues to this day.
CSI - Christian Schools International


Edifide is a professional association for Christian educators. We bring our faith to our educational practice as well as having faith in education to bring about transformation and change in our students’ lives. Organized in 1954, OCSTA (or OCTA as it was first named) was begun to promote the profession of Christian school teacher by initiating discussions around the direction for Christian education and by encouraging the development of Christian curriculum. This organization hosts a two day conference for teachers in October at Redeemer College University in Ancaster, ON. The website is www.ocsta.org.


The Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools is a service organization for the schools of District 10 of CSI. It was organized in 1952 and exists to promote and strengthen Christian Education in Ontario and the Maritimes. It provides a wide range of services to its members. Member school societies are divided into 5 sections (Chatham, Hamilton, Toronto, Cobourg, Golden Triangle). The office is in Ancaster. The website is www.oacs.org.


O.C.S.A.A. is the Ontario Christian School Administrators Association and is the professional organization of the Christian school principals and vice-principals of the OACSS member societies. It exists to promote and strengthen Christian education in Ontario by providing help to the principals through the Principal Club meetings, study groups, and the annual retreat.


O.C.T. is the Ontario College of Teachers. It is a self-regulating professional body for Ontario teachers. Membership is open for anyone who is qualified to teach in the province and membership is required to maintain an Ontario teaching certificate. The College also investigates complaints and takes appropriate disciplinary action. Our teachers are members of this organization.