Our History

Our History

In 1960 a number of Christians from various churches in the city had a vision that someday Christian education would be available in Orillia. They came together to form the Orillia Christian School Society. This society was never defined by one church or denomination but was from the very beginning a truly interdenominational endeavour.   The task of the society in those early years was to promote the idea of Christian education and to raise the necessary funds to make the dream of Christian education in Orillia a reality.

In 1968 a number of families started to send their children to the Timothy Christian School in Barrie by Grey Coach Bus Lines. The number of families desiring Christian education for their children steadily increased.  By 1971 a small school bus was purchased to facilitate the increase in the number of students.  Due to a further increase in students a larger school bus was acquired a few years later.

As secularization spread in the public school system, the support and interest spread around among the evangelical community of Orillia grew. More Christian parents began to see that what was being taught in the public school system and what they were teaching their children at home created a mixed message for their children. By 1976 some 45 students were enrolled in Timothy Christian School and making the bus trip to Barrie.

In 1976 a steering committee with representation from quite a number of evangelical churches was formed to start to work towards establishing a Christian school in Orillia. By stepping out in faith and praying for guidance a three acre parcel of land was purchased. Through much personal sacrifice and dedication $160,000 was raised for the $200,000 building project and construction began. In September of 1979, with much thanksgiving and celebration, the Lord allowed us to open the doors of the Orillia Christian School to some 90 children.

As news of the school spread, more families desired Christian education for their children and the school added three new classrooms in 1984. In 1998 the third and final phase of the original master plan was completed which adding a gymnasium, another classroom, a kitchen, and two washrooms/change rooms.

In 2003 additional land was purchased in order to have our own entrance and parking lot. New playground equipment was also installed. The school installed a computer lab which allows students to access various programs for learning as well as the internet for research. We have also introduced an intermediate band program to our music curriculum.

Throughout the years Orillia Christian School has striven to provide quality education with a Christian worldview. A sense of belonging or community and a dedication to praying for God’s guidance in decision making are hallmarks of this school. We give thanks to those early members who had a vision and worked towards making it a reality and we give thanks for God’s blessings throughout the years.