Chapels and Assemblies are times for getting the students together for singing, celebrating, learning and listening to guest speakers.

Theme chapels are held on a monthly basis and strive to connect students faith walk to the school theme for the year.

Special chapels/assemblies are held for Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Easter, and the end of the year. These chapels are organized by individual classes and give students an opportunity to lead worship.

2016 School Theme

This year our school theme is "Mission Possible: Being God's Agents of Change." Our God is
God over all things.  That is the Biblical truth that must gently whisper and boldly resound in
every part, every thread of our Christian school.  All things belong to God!  This world is His
kingdom – He's building it every minute of every day, and He invites us, His people, to join Him
in His kingdom building.  

Throughout the year we will look at ten different ways that we can be Kingdom agents in God's
world. We will be striving to be community builders, God worshippers, justice seekers, servant
workers, beauty creators, creation enjoyers, order discoverers, earth keepers, idolatry
discerners, and image reflectors.


The grade seven and eight students participate in a band program. Students may rent an instrument through the school or provide their own instrument.

band1 band2 band3


DSC_3581Along with our Physical Education program students may also participate by trying out for a school sports team. The OCS Eagles compete against other Christian schools in the Toronto North District.

The competitive sports events are:

  • Grades 1-8: Cross Country
  • Grades 5-8: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball
  • Grades 7-8: Badminton
  • Grades 3-8: Track and Field

Student Service Opportunities

We are a part of a school body and community that values the opportunities to serve. Teachers connect service opportunities to learning taking place in the classroom. For example if students are studying our local community, they will come up with ideas on how they can help make a difference.

Outside of the classroom students may choose to apply to be a part of the following teams:

Praise Team
Responsibilities: This team will be involved with Chapel services and other related school events. Members will be choosing songs, leading others musically into worship. Practices take place during one recess per week.
Abilities: Musically gifted (guitars, drums, piano, singing etc), public speaking, spiritual leadership skills Open to grades 4-8

Student Yard Duty Patrol Team
Responsibilities: To monitor the back playground on JK/SK days. To wear a fluorescent vest while on patrol that identifies you as a student yard duty patroller. Pick up vest and first aid kit from the office. Line JK/SK students up at the back door and help them upstairs to their classroom.
Abilities: social maturity, positive role model, good listening skills and good observation skills, likes working with small children.
Open to grades 6,7 & 8 students

Intramurals Team
Responsibilities: assisting the teacher in charge of intramurals with refereeing, goal judging, face-offs, toss-ups, etc. as the teacher directs, choose “3 Stars” and conferring with the teacher before announcing (DOWNSTAIRS intramurals only). Putting away equipment and noting score on schedules in the hallway.
Abilities: reliable, encouraging, competent, knowledgeable (of game rules), fair
Open to grades 6-8

Art/Science Room Monitor
Responsibilities: check the room on a regular basis as decided by the teacher in charge to ensure desks and chairs are in their proper place and no excessive mess is left for the custodian. Check shelves to verify that things were put away neatly.
Abilities: neatness, organization
Open to grades 4-8

PE Equipment Room
Responsibilities: check the equipment room on a regular basis and report missing or damaged equipment, verify that things are put away properly, pump up balls, and set correct balls on rolling rack as per the sport
Abilities: neatness, organization,
Open to grades 6-8

Junior Secretary
Responsibilities: answer the phone during break to allow the office administrator time for lunch or other times as needed, write messages, open the door for guests
Abilities: neat handwriting, pleasant phone voice, ability to greet guests
Open to grade 7 & 8

Drama Team
Responsibilities: practice and present skits during our theme chapels, will involve some recess practices
Abilities: clear voice, ability to memorize parts, enjoy drama
Open to grades 4-8

Spirit Day Planning
Responsibilities: plan spirit days for the year and be involved in the activities
Abilities: good planning skills, enthusiasm, creative
Open to grades 7-8

Compassion Club
Responsibilities: meet regularly to discuss needs around us and throughout the world, practice compassion, plan a fundraising event to support an identified need
Abilities: spirit of concern and compassion, desire to serve
Open to grades 1-8

Ukulele Club
Responsibilities: a weekly lesson, practice at home, take good care of the school's ukuleles, and play at a concert
Abilities: desire to learn a new instrument, enjoy singing
Open to students in grades 4-6

Please note these teams and activities can change from year to year.

Private Music Lessons

Private voice and piano lessons are available at the school for an additional fee.

For more information, please contact the school office.