JK/SK Programs

JK/SK Programs

Kindergarten is the gateway through which a child enters elementary school.
At Orillia Christian School the Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs provide a Christ-centered, warm and loving environment in which a child can grow and develop.
Our program is presently a three day program taking place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. For those who require all day Kindergarten, please contact the office for more information.


Kindergarten Readiness

Children turning four by December 31 of the current year and are toilet trained are eligible for Jr. Kindergarten in September. Children turning five by December 31 of the current year are eligible for Sr. Kindergarten in September.
Occasionally parents of children with birth dates in the fall postpone enrollment for a year. This is done when the child is socially immature, not yet toilet trained, has shown difficulty in learning and/or difficulty coping with new situations.
Despite similarities that exist in the development of children of a similar age there are variances as each child matures at his own rate. Whether or not your child is ready is a decision best made by you, the parents. The kindergarten teacher and principal would be happy to discuss any concerns you have in regard to the school readiness of your child.

Purpose and Goals of the Kindergarten Program

a) Purpose
The purpose of kindergarten is to make the child aware of God’s love and to explore with wonder the intricacies of God’s world by focusing on areas that touch a child’s everyday life. All facets of the child’s development are addressed, i.e. intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. Each child learns more about themselves and God’s world and is challenged to live in His service.

b) Relational Goals
In relation to God
- to build an awareness that he/she belongs to God
- to develop a basic understanding of the Bible and its stories.
- to establish an appreciation of what it means to live for Jesus.

In relation to self
- to develop a sense of independence and self-respect
- to develop a positive attitude towards learning
- to develop the means to deal effectively with areas needing improvement
- to develop the ability to make wise choices and decisions
- to develop a sense of responsibility
- to develop orderliness

In relation to others
- to develop respect for other children and adults
- to develop sympathy and tolerance for the shortcomings of others
- to develop empathy and understanding for the feelings of others.
- to develop an interactive learning relationship with the teacher
- to develop effective group work skills
- to develop an acceptance and enjoyment of other children

c) Developmental Goals
Academic development
- to develop pre-reading skills, such as, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, sound/symbol association, rhyme, story sequence, and left to right and top to bottom progression
- to develop an understanding of basic concepts such as size, shapes, same/different, classification, one-to-one correspondence, sets, patterns, and sequencing
- to develop number recognition and an understanding of the quantitative value of numbers
- to develop an awareness of the God made and human made environment through hands on investigations, observations, questioning and sharing their findings
- to acquire musical skills, perform and appreciate music and song
- to express ideas and feelings through visual art
Physical development
- to develop large muscle strength and coordination through regular physical activities
- to improve fine motor coordination through manipulative activities
- to learn the correct use of a variety of implements, equipment and materials
If you have any questions regarding OCS, especially concerning our kindergarten program, please feel free to speak directly with the principal or kindergarten teacher. You may also request a curriculum overview and an outline of what a typical day in the classroom entails