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Graduate Profile

The Orillia Christian School strives to awaken a sense of wonder and joy in the child for a world that is God's handiwork, so that each student comes to recognize God as the Creator and Lord of all things and praises His name. Through curriculum that demonstrates the love and glory of the Lord, students are encouraged to develop a relationship with God through Jesus Christ as well as a sense of responsibility towards the Lord, His Creation, themselves, and fellow people.

The Orillia Christian School acknowledges that education is a journey and that each student grows and develops in their own unique way. It is the school’s desire that graduates will develop their Christian worldview and their commitment to display Christ in all areas of their life after graduation. OCS recognizes that the school is one circle of influence in a student’s development, and we trust God to grant the ultimate growth in each student according to His plans.

Christian Worldview

OCS strives to integrate all subjects and activities with a worldview that puts God and His revelation to us at the starting point of learning. The worldview statements that OCS holds as true are contained in Section A5 of the OCS Policy Manual. Teachers strive to model this worldview with the hope that graduates will integrate the same into their lifestyle; both during their OCS education and after graduation as global citizens.

Display of Christ likeness adapted from Luke 2:52

OCS graduates will be on the journey of growing in wisdom as they acquire academic milestones which follow Ontario Ministry of Education expectations and the Ontario Alliance of Christian School expectations. Our students will use their God given abilities to become complex thinkers, able to discern truth, and to be prepared for their next level of academic training.

OCS graduates will be on the journey of developing in their care for their physical bodies as they learn to adopt healthy lifestyles. Our students will have been exposed to a wide array of sports’ skills and opportunities with the goals of being challenged physically and desiring to adopt recreational activities throughout their life. Students will have been taught fair play and skills which will prepare them for joining teams during their next level of education.

OCS graduates will be on the journey to maturing spiritually as they appreciate the grace of God’s redemptive work in their life. Our students will grow in their personal confidence of who they are before God and who God desires them to become. Students will be growing in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, personal and corporate worship as they become active participants in their local church while appreciating the distinctive of other Christian churches. Our graduates are becoming aware of God’s active work in their personal lives and the necessity of obedience to Him.

OCS graduates will be on the journey to maturing socially as they discover their own uniqueness and gifting in relationship to others. Our students will have developed an appreciation of the differences and similarities of others in terms of personality, race, culture, and spiritual growth. Students will understand and practice the need to display respect to those who are different while developing their own personal identity before God and others.