Program Committee

The Program Committee replaces the former Education Committee; with the notable exception that matters pertaining to staff hiring and dismissal are now the responsibility of the Human Resources Committee. The Program Committee is responsible for overseeing all educational programs of the school within the parameters of the OCS Constitution. This committee is directly accountable to the Board.


Human Resources Committee:

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for the hiring and dismissal matters pertaining to the teachers and Principal. The Human Resources Committee works within the parameters of the OCS Constitution and is directly accountable to the Board.


Contract Partnership Committee:

The Contract Partnership Committee has the primary responsibility of developing teacher contract arrangements and recommending the same to the Board each school year.


Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial aspects of the school. This committee is accountable to the Board. It recommends a budget for the ensuing year, makes recommendations to the Board as to the manner in which the school is to be maintained financially, indicates the various sources of the income and operates a program to ensure the collection of funds from supporters.


Communications and Promotions:

The Communications and promotions committee recommends to the Board a program of action by means of which the cause of Christian education may be advanced and strengthened and makes the necessary arrangements for carrying out such a program. This committee also seeks to maintain regular contact with alumni. This committee is accountable to the Board.


Admissions and Membership Committee:

Admissions and Membership Committee reviews the policies and procedures related to admissions and membership. This committee interviews prospective members, reviews applications for membership, keeps the office updated on all known changes to the membership list, and recommends membership applications to the Board.


Building and Maintenance:

This committee is responsible for the proper care, maintenance, and adequacy of the physical equipment of the school and make recommendations to the Board concerning these matters.