Our Special Education Resource program led by a qualified Special Education Resource Teacher is designed to meet the needs of students beyond the scope of the regular classroom. We believe that all children are unique gifts of God and deserve the best possible opportunity for learning.
We seek to create an environment that is best suited to students with learning differences and to assist them in becoming all they can be.

Referrals to the Special Education Resource program are made by classroom teachers and approved by the principal. An assessment of educational needs is made by the Special Education Resource teacher. If deemed necessary, further diagnostic work is completed through other professional agencies. Using the results of the assessment, the Special Education Resource teacher will plan an individualized program in cooperation with the classroom teacher and the student's parents. The program may consist of a withdrawal period from class for a short time or a modified programming in the regular class or a combination of the above.


The resource room is an open place used for various support programs. It is a place where special attention can be given to any aspect of learning. The program is fully integrated with school curriculum and classroom activities.

Through the school parents may apply for CCAC funding for speech, occupational and physical therapy.


The Discovery Program

OCS also has a specialized program available for students who require more support in order to be successful learners. NILD Educational Therapy is a cognitive therapy that transforms struggling learners into lifelong learners. It is provided in the school setting by a trained private practice Educational Therapist.

More information on this program can be found at

There are additional fees associated with this program. For more information, please contact the school office.