Orillia Christian school has been a blessing in all of our lives for the past three years. We immediately felt welcomed into the school community. The quality of education is outstanding, and the dedication of the teachers to their students and to Christian education is obvious. We love knowing that our children are being nurtured and taught in a caring Christian environment.

Here is what our kids want to say about their time at Orillia Christian School.

Megan: I like Orillia Christian School because I know I have Christian friends. I like Orillia Christian School because I can grow firmly in Christ. I love going to a school that teaches about Christ in more subjects then Bible. I also know that I can trust everyone there.`

Kurtis: In my old school, we had about 400 students and I didn't even know the names of the kids in the grade above me. At OCS, I know everybody.

Josh: At Orillia Christian School I am making amazing friends, I am learning lots, and I am definitely having a great time as well! The teachers here are really great to be around and to learn from. They are patient with everyone and know how to have fun! I am very blessed to go to a Christian school such as this!

Tina: Everyone knows each other. All of your friends are Christian. You are in an environment with Christian teachers, teaching according to what we believe.

Gerry and Janet and family,