When we moved to Orillia many years ago, we were homeschooling our oldest two children. Over time we faced the demands of five children and realized that homeschooling was becoming more difficult. The decision to come to OCS was our only option as we wanted to continue to provide all of our children with a Christ-centered education. OCS has been a great blessing to our WHOLE family. There have been many great memories made. What a wonderful place to send our children---we know love is extended each day through caring teachers who pray and live out their faith in the classroom. Values that we teach at home are emphasized and reinforced at school. Community and family are truly felt. It is nice to know that no matter what denomination we are, we can lift each other up in prayer to our Great God! We are thankful for His provision to us to be able to make this opportunity a reality for our family. Where the Lord guides--the Lord provides.

Kevin and Andrea,